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Hey there, my name is Dudu. I am from outer space and I don’t have any idea how old I am indeed. Planet EFG was my hometown. I have very big EFG eyes and a typical EFG smile. It was a long journey from my hometown EFG to my 2nd hometown, Ningbo, Zhejiang province, China.

I experienced a lot and I would like to share with you if it interests you

Leaving EFG by scooter & Google map, I passed through several planets; some of them looked not my taste, some looked too pretty, some were toooo big and some too petite. Although there was one perfectly matches, I was not in a good mood at that time, so I said goodbye to continue my journey alone. Until there was something wrong with my scooter: the wheel became crooked, and I had to land on a planet called the Earth.

Thus I had no other options but tried my best to survive on this big blue globe. The 1st keyword was water. Despite the fact that 75% surface of this globe is covered by water, the Earth is still deeply puzzled by lack of water in many areas such as Africa & northwest China, because basically there are 2 types of water: non-drinkable water and drinking water. Seawater is salty and no good for drinking, while freshwater from sky, such as rain, snowflake, hailstone, is good for drinking. I was lucky, at that night it was raining silently where I landed, and I fulfilled my body & bottles, for my future.

The 2nd keyword is food, which is a much easier need to meet. I have a quite wide range of favorite foods: all kinds of fishes and all kinds of berries, so my decision was clear: if I find both on my plate I will eat up both; if I find fish only on my plate, only fish is OK; If only berry available,
I will take berry. This menu has not been changed for years since then.

After the settlement, I tried to look around this new hometown with my EFG eyes, and I found 2 things different: 1. men cook; 2.women work. With my small EFG brain I could not tell what was happening, while my big EFG eyes told me that they both enjoy.

Wandering on the the street for 8 years (it’s not a short time even according to EFG calendar), one day I met Ivy from Uni-concord, and we had a nice & pleasant conversation in Guangzhou. After that we decided  to do something together real and funny for this planet blue please wait for us...

How grateful shall I be
As I walked to your presence
I wished for only spills of water
But you offered me the sea

-------Guozhen Wang
Translated by:
--------Liwei chen

Ivy Chen
19/11/2015 Irivine . CA92620.USA

-----Lingguo Chen
10/09/2015 Dongqian Lake Guojiazhi Village