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Seeking for export managers:

1.  Fully agree with  vision of company: Abundant lives, more justice, and a better world.

2.  Fully agree with company's culture: companssion, commitment, competence, communication,

cooperation and creativity

3.  Fully agree with our value:
Loyalty  /  Filiality /   Humanity /  Righteousness
Faith  /  Courtesy  /  Wisdom /  Bravery
4.  Excellent in both written and spoken English
5.  With at least 2 years work experience in similar business
6.  Good knowledge in sales and computer operations

The salary for this position is RMB 6000 per month+benefits (Depends on turnover )
For more information ,Please send a cover letter and CV to:


-----Tiana Ruan         
19/11/2015 Ningbo Museum